You Tube from November 4, 2007.  These short clips can be used to:


1.      Listen to Thai in Thailand by a variety of speakers: Thai, American, Japanese, Chinese.

2.      Look at Thai scenery:  restaurant/noodle shop; school; sky train; house of the rich; dorm room.

3.      Be exposed to inappropriate Thai.  Here you will need guidance from someone who can critique the inappropriate use of Thai language and/or violations of Thai social norms.

4.      Have a good laugh at some of the funny scenes and actions.


A single * indicates that the Thai spoken is at a pretty basic or novice level.  A double ** should be comprehensible to an intermediate level student.  A triple *** is for advanced level students.      

More You Tube Thai (from Bussra Nov. 2007)

1.      Good for counting and asking, “How much?”  Man, who has diarrhea, runs into a convenience store to get a packet of tissue.  The cashier is an old lady who is very slow.  He can’t wait, poops in his pants, needs to buy briefs.

Smart Purse 1


2.       About a family enjoying a picnic lunch and different kinds of “phi” (ghosts) come by and bother them.  The little boy begins by asking, “Father, what kind of thing is that?”    If you buy Sylvania bulbs, you won’t be scared at night! 

Funniest commercial : Sylvania


3.      “You forgot to pay the electric bill.” When the lights go out, it’s scary.

KrungThai Bank


4.       “Go-getter” takes advantage of a Bangkok traffic jam to sell newspapers and garlands.  This is an ad for “Black Up Coffee.”

BlackUp Coffee


6.      Man buys a hot dog to eat but won’t share it with a hungry dog.  The dog barks as a truck is about to hit him and saves his life. They become buddies.

Smart Purse 2


7.      “The Person that doesn’t enter the eye,” a song about two lonely people who come within each’s orbit often but can’t manage to exchange a glance… maybe.  The refrain is “Ja mii khray-khray rak may? Will there be someone to love (me)?”  [khray-khray = someone, anybody; may = yes/no question particle]  The video symbolicallyuses two separate picture frames

Music Video คนที่ไม่เข้าตา


8.       AIS is a Thai telephone company.  The 3 ads are designed to create a “feel good” situation with a soft, surprise twist at the end. Note that the English word “care” appears in the ending slogan.





Music Video สยามเมืองยิ้ม




*Unreal Thai (funny animated cartoon; half of the Thai is used in the wrong context or is just plain weird.  Will require comment from an instructor or native speaker. The language is typical of what is found in tourist guidebooks.)


*Two Americans talking Thai in Bangkok Language School (Basic phrases)


*Tones Maa (come, horse, dog); Khaaw (white, rice, news) ;khaw (enter, knee, he/she/they)


* Thai waitress talks about tones and other differences:  spatula v.s bamboo leaf; ticklish;  beautiful vs. bad luck; begin vs. forget!)


*How to talk to a Thai girl  (funny, improvised; getting to know someone)

**How to talk to a Thai girl’s parents (funny, improvised; a bit advanced)


*Chinese-Thai (review of Thai alphabet with Chinese and Thai speakers)


*Sky Train lesson in Chinese (view of Skytrain platform at Ratchathewi stop)


**Thai 101 10 expressions (Lots of inappropriate Thai language and cultural wrongs!)


Cooking and Restaurant talk

Bug and Bee Restaurant Interview

Phat Thai

Som Tam/Papaya Salad

Egg Rolls


General information of interest to scholars

Northern Thai language preservation

Isan rice growing with less water: Roi Et