Mobile delivery project for providing podcast materials on SEAsite Thai, was started in 2006 with available materials for a popular set of authentic basic Thai texts called the “Maanii Readers.” The first phase consisted only audio in the mp3 format. Later, all the texts in Maanii Book I and Book II were converted to the PDF format and added to the feed. Users can subscribe to the Maanii Reader podcast using iTunes, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer 7. The URLs to subscribe the feed are and

In addition to audio podcast, authentic video and enhanced podcasts are provided on the site. A presentation on the project was given at the 2007 summer meeting of the Council on Teaching Southeast Asian Languages (COTSEAL) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We are currently experimenting with making the same content playable on cell phones as free downloads as well. The challenge is to provide the learner with mobile listening and reading opportunities along with a degree of interactive exercises using the telephone keypad or possibly voice commands, especially for the visually handicapped.

Click on the follown links to see how to download mp3 files on different devices.