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Unit 1   Getting Around
Unit 2   Buying Things
Unit 3   Meeting People
Unit 4   Family and Friends
Unit 5   What do you do for a living?
Unit 6   Review
Unit 7   How do you like the weather?
Unit 8   Getting a room in a hotel
Unit 9   Getting dressed
Unit 10 Let's go eat
Unit 11 A shopping trip
Unit 12 Exercise
Unit 13 On the train
Unit 14 At the beach
Unit 15 Let's go to the game
Unit 16 Making a Call
Unit 17 At the Play

Unit 18 Review
Unit 19 Getting a Passport
Unit 20 At the University
Unit 21 Going to the Doctor's
Unit 22 The Bank and the Post Office
Unit 23 Home and Neighbors
Unit 24 Review
Unit 25 Geography 
Unit 26 Agriculture  
Unit 27 Industry
Unit 28 Government 
Unit 29 The Country and its People
Unit 30 Review


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Credits:  Spoken Thai for the Internet has been adapted from the book of the same name authored by Mary R. Haas and Heng R. Subhanka and first published in 1945 by the Linguistic Society of America.  Permission to use the book by SEAsite  has been formally granted.