The Missing  Bananas  (Link to Thai Version)

                    - by Wat Walayngkun (translated by John Hartmann)

My house is in a lane;... the name of the lane is "Banana Tree Lane."

Next door, there is a monkey;... the monkey likes to eat bananas.

The monkey lives in an orchard;... the orchard has no bananas.


Before sleeping each day,... I like to eat a banana.

I have money to spend;... I use it to buy bananas.

I bought a big bunch;... I hung it up so that later I could eat a banana.

In the morning, I go out to work;... I work in exchange for bananas.

I came back in the evening;... there were no bananas to be seen!

I felt dizzy from hunger;... hungry, I looked for the bananas.

I searched high and low for the bananas, and I saw a monkey;... the monkey was holding the bunch of bananas!

I was so mad at the monkey;... I kicked the monkey away and grabbed the bananas.

I was furious;... there were only banana peels left!


I now know the truth;... the monkey didn't eat the bananas.

Many of my neighbors;... saw a man steal the bananas.

He is a ditch-digger;... he doesn't like to eat bananas, though.

His little baby... eats rice mashed with bananas.

He is a poor person,... so poor that he had no bananas.

His baby was awfully hungry;... so he stole the bananas.


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