1. Press the "Start" button. You will see a question, a number of words, an impartial sentence at the bottom of the screen, and some pushbuttons. You will also see some informational fields, some of which are not yet functional.

 2. Use the mouse to "drag" a word to complete a sentence. You can drag words by moving the mouse cursor onto it, then pressing the mouse button, and while holding it down, move the mouse. The word will follow. Stop dragging by releasing the mouse button. 

 3. When you have selected your word, press the "Judge" button. After a second or two, you will see a symbol (*) display underneath each word (under the second black line), confirming that you have selected the correct answer. If your selection is wrong, the symbol (s) will appear underneath the word.

4. You can move to the "Next" or "Previous" question at any time when the corresponding button is not grayed by clicking on the button. You will not be notified when there are no more questions - but the "Next" button will be grayed. "Next" is grayed until the questions are loaded. (Note that a "grayed" button is disabled.)

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