Point 2. More about additive compounds

Simple terms
English ภาษาไทย
    to help ...   ช่วย
    to arrange ...   จัด
    to be close, intimate   สนิท


Corresponding additive compounds
English ภาษาไทย
   to help, help out ...   ช่วยเหลือ
   to arrange   จัดแจง
   to be intimate   สนิทสนม

The additive compounds shown above differ from the ones illustrated under Point 1 in that the second part of the compound has no separate existence, that is, cannot be used alone. The first part of the compound, however, does have a separate existence and is often used alone in a meaning which is very similar to that of the corresponding additive compound.

In contrast to the type of examples shown above, there are also additive compounds in which the first part has no separate existence while the second part does. An example of this type is sa$la$gsa4mkhan 'to be important' which exists alongside of the simple term sa4mkhan 'to be important'.

English also has special phrases of the additive type in which one of the terms used does not have a separate existence outside of the phrase; an example of this type is 'kith and kin', wherein the term 'kith' is never used alone.