Point 5. The words khrN, khraּw, thiּ, and weּlaּ

English ภาษาไทย
  I go to town twice ('two times')
  a day.
  He drinks coffee three times a day.  เขาดื่มกาแฟวันละสามเวลา
  He banged on the table twice
  ('two times').

                          The words
khrN, khraּw, thiּ, and weּlaּ are all classifiers meaning 'time, occasion' (weּlaּ is also the general term for 'time'), but the four terms are not always used interchangeably. In expressions like those shown in the examples above, khrN is the most general term, for it could be used in the second and third examples as well as in the first. The word thiּ, however, is commonly used to express repeated action, as in the third example above.

                          In addition to the type of usage illustrated above, the various terms occur in a number of set phrases where the substitution of one of these terms for another is generally not permitted. Some of the more important of such phrases are:

English ภาษาไทย
  Sometimes, perhaps, maybe   บางที
  Sometimes  บางเวลา
  From time to time, now and again  บางครั้งบางคราว
  At first  ทีแรก
  Immediately  ทันที
  Again, once more  อีกที
  This time  ครั้งนี้
  Next time  ครั้งหน้า
  Last time  คราวก่อน