Point 1. Word Made With nּ

English ภาษาไทย
  To be interesting to look at  น่าดู
  To be interesting to listen to  น่าฟัง
  To be interesting to know  น่ารู้
  To be interesting to read, readable  น่าอ่าน
  To be cozy ('inciting to stay')  น่าอยู่
  To be dreadful ('inciting to fear')  น่ากลัว
  To be pitiful ('inciting to be sorry')  น่าเสียใจ

The word
nּ can be placed before any verb. When it is so used, it adds on the meaning 'interesting to ..., inciting to ...'. Note that the words nּduּ, nּfaN, nּru2ּ, nּ?a$ּn might all be translated simply as 'to be interesting' in English, but that in Thai each word is restricted in its application, nּduּ to things that are seen, nּfaN to things that are heard, etc.