Pronunciation Drill


               From this point on there will usually be no special exercises provided for Pronunciation Drill. This does not mean that you need no more drill on pronunciation; on the contrary you should spend the usual amount of time on it. But from now on the work for this section should consist in the following activities:
                  1. Review systematically all the exercises provided in previous units and listen to the speech files of all those exercises. In order to make sure that all exercises are thoroughly reviewed, make it a point to review the exercises which occur in two previous units with each new unit you come to. Thus WITH THIS POINT;
                                    Review the pronunciation hints and listening practices in UNIT 1;
                                    Review the pronunciation hints in UNIT 2
                  2. Turn to the Useful Words list of this unit and practice the pronunciation of all the words listed there. Do not pay any attention to the meanings of the words; concentrate on making your pronunciation of them as nearly perfect as possible.
                  3. Review:
                                    The Pronunciation Practice in UNIT 3;
                                    The Pronunciation Practice in UNIT 4