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   Grand Palace (พระบรมมหาราชวัง)

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The Grand Palace, one of Bangkok's majestic landmarks, was the royal family's residence until King Rama VI's reign. King Rama V was the last Chakri king who resided at the Grand Palace compound. Subsequent monarchs (King Rama VI, King Rama VII, and King Rama IX) chose to live in the Suan Dusit palace compound, a couple of miles away from the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace consists of four sections: the Emerald Buddha temple, Pramaha montien compound, the outer court, and the inner court.

Situated on the shore of Chaopraya river, the Grand Palace was constructed during King Rama I's reign. In ancient Thai tradition, the Grand Palace is believed to be the Pra Sumenru mountain (the center of the universe in the Brahmin-Hindu mythology) because the kings who are regarded as semi-gods lived and worked on the compound. The Bangkok grand palace emulates the layout of Ayuddha's grand palace, which consisted of two main sections: the royal temple and the