The Thai Monarchy


   The House of Chakri (ราชวงศ์จักรี)

   The House of Chakri (Kings Rama I-IX), which
   presently rules the Thai  kingdom is believed to
   be directly descended from  King Narasuan and
   King Aghatosarotha, the two Ayuddhya kings
   who declared independence from  Burma's
   Tong-U dynasty in the 17th century. The father
   of King Rama I served as Minister of Interior in
   King Boromagosa's reign. His title was
   Chaophraya Chakri (General Lord Chakri). He
   died a decade before Ayuddhya lost its war
   with King Hsinbyushin of Burma. Six months after
   the fall of Ayuddhya, the second Thai capital
   after Sukhothai, Governor Tak fought to regain
   control of Thai territories in the Central Plains.
   Chaopraya Tak's  military campaign was
   ambitious because the Burmese army greatly
   outnumbered the Thais. Yet, Chaopraya Tak
   was able to claim victory.

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    King Rama IX's coronation


   After realizing that damage to Ayuddha was beyond repair, Chaopraya Tak
   established a new capital at Thonburi on the Mekong River just opposite Bangkok, and
   became King Thaksin. King Thaksin ruled over Thailand for 15 years and was overthrown
   by the Thonburi nobility who accused the king of insanity and blasphemy. King Rama I,
   then Gen. Chaopraya Chakri, who was in Cambodia on a military campaign, returned to
   the capital. Chaopraya Chakri ascended the throne and became King Rama I. After
   his coronation, he decided to relocate the capital to  Bangkok.  From that point on, his
   family, the House of Chakri, has continued to rule Thailand until today.



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