a.k.a. Tubigan or Harangang Taga
(Three Nights)

6 to 8 or more players

    The players are divided into two teams of equal number.  The ground is marked off in a rectangle about five to six meters, divided into four equal parts.  Diagram A is for 6 players,  B for 8 or more players.

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    Winning the toss entitles the players on that team to be runners.   The taggers stand on lines 1, 2, and 3.  Number 1 can go anywhere to tag the runners.  The objective of the runners is to get through all the lines (1, 2, 3) back and forth without being tagged.  Taggers 1 and 2 tag the runners as they cross their lines or as they get near them.  As soon as one of the runners crosses line 3, he returns to line 1 and calls out, "Tubig!"  This means a night (a point) is scored in favor of his team.  The team which scores three consecutive "nights" (or three points) is the winner, and will be the runners of the next game. 
    If a runner is tagged while crossing a line or while trying to cross, the teams exchange places. 
    1.  The losers carry the winners on their backs,  to and fro.
    2.  The winners pat the hands of losers 10 to 20 or more times.