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Instructions:  Type in any English word in the space provided, and click the "Look up" button.  A list of all possible Tagalog terms in our database will appear in the space provided, giving you several Tagalog words that correspond to the English term you had entered.  Decide which term is closest to the meaning you are looking for. 

The program will look for the English word you enter   in the English definitions of our  Online Tagalog Dictionary. It will then display the corresponding Tagalog words and their short definitions in English. In some cases, the Tagalog words returned will not be relevant or will be distantly relevant. For example, the English word LOVE will also return a Tagalog term equivalent to 'GLOVES' because the letters L-O-V-E are also included in it.  Hence, you may want to put a space either before or after the word LOVE to narrow down the results that will be returned by the dictionary.

Scroll down your browser's right-side bar to see more entries, or scroll the English-Tagalog dictionary's window bars horizontally or vertically to see the full entries.