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Language comes from deep within us, and is an inherent part of our culture.  Not only does culture affect language, but language affects the way we think.  Think about phrases that other people use that you wouldn’t use in a million years:  these phrases fit in with the way they think, and don’t fit in with the way that you think.  
(Diana Beaver)

These grammar notes cover the basics of the Tagalog verbal system, more advanced forms of questions,  and some sentence expansions and transformations. It also introduces some of the commonly used particles. More advanced topics such as the complex verb forms causative and comitative are not included in this pag.  For additional Grammatical Notes, visit the  Grammar PageWe are in the process of expanding other possible topics for this page.  Please email suggestion to
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Verbal Focus

Verbal Aspect

Time/Time Indicators

Requests and Commands


Sentence Expansion

Some Particles

Questions II

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