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Date: September 13, 1997

To: My brothers and sisters at Gloria Jean’s Coffee Shop

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ at Gloria Jean’s Coffee shop, we meet again by letter on this beautiful and blessed occasion.

I want to express many thanks for the birthday card you sent, which has a picture of a little girl who’s holding flowers. I received the card with no problem, and also the words in the card I can understand by means of the reading of it done by Ms. Lia (the team leader and also my teacher). Thanks also for the happy birthday wishes which you expressed to me.

Dearest brothers and sisters at Gloria Jean’s Coffee shop, since last July 21 I have left kindergarten behind and now I have become a student in the first grade at primary school, only still staying at the Immanuel Baptist Education Foundation. The name of my teacher now is Ms. Siswijati, and I have eight classmates. Studying in primary school makes me very happy, I am being taught to read, write and also to count, the length of time studying at school is three hours, beginning at 7:00 until 10:00.

The photo which is in this letter is a picture of me at the farewell program for the kindergarten students last June 1997; the program was held at one of the tourist attractions at the town of Malang, outside of town. The one standing in back of the children is my kindergarten teacher. She is named Ms. Mamik.

Loving regards,

Evi Ernawati

written by Ms. Lia / her teacher

[Evi is the second child from the left, who’s wearing a red dress.]