In the increasingly global nature of our world, people live abroad or travel internationally for work in the public,
private and non-governmental sectors.  Whether stationed in a foreign country for a few days or a few years,
success depends on one's willingness to adapt and learn about different cultures.
Moves related to work may involve individuals or entire families.  In either case, focus on the positive and expect some stress and strain from moving to another country, some culture shock, language differences, family problems, and pressure to show results quickly.  Remember, every foreigner goes through this experience and so will you.
This book aims to give you an outline of what you may encounter in your work in the Lao PDR.  It gives you
contextual information about your Lao partners and their organisations.  It provides suggestions for establishing
good communication and cohesive working relationships.
This guide addresses some specific cultural nuances: what you need to know to function comfortably and
efficiently; how to work with a Lao partner and how this differs from working with most Western partners; and,
not to be forgotten, how to make your stay in the Lao PDR enjoyable.
The guide won't teach you every single facet of Lao culture; that kind of understanding can only come through
the personal experience of living in the Lao PDR!  You won't become more Lao than the Lao people by reading this guide, but you will begin to understand Lao attitudes, values, and ways of working and relating.  A word of caution.  It is not your job to assimilate completely.  Be sensitive to cultural differences but retain your character!
We provide no hard and fast rules on how to go about conducting your business in the Lao PDR.  Each person and each situation is different.  Even so, a bit of reading and some understanding of the rich Lao culture will help to ensure your stay is personally and professionally rewarding.


Foreword | Lao PDR | Introduction | What is a Partnership? | Working with a Lao Partner

Understanding Lao Culture | Communication | Working Effectively with Your Lao Partner
Social Conventions and Protocol | Conclusions