For those going to the Lao PDR for business or international cooperation, this guide has offered some advice and some insights into the country, its people, and their culture.
Regardless of your expertise, your ability, or your credentials, success in the Lao PDR will depend on your
attitude and whether the Lao like you.  Observe, learn and try to understand, before assuming your Lao partner
needs you to solve all problems.  Establish trust with your Lao colleagues.  If you are sensitive and willing to
adapt, you will open the door to a rich and rewarding experience.
The great majority of Westerners enjoy their time in the Lao PDR.  May your stay be enjoyable as well!
Additional sources
Vientiane Guide
by the Women's International Group
Culture Shock - Thailand
by Robert Cooper
Learning and Teaching in Thailand
by Hans U. Luther
The Asian Mind Game, unlocking the hidden agenda of the Asian Business Culture - A Westerner's survival manual
by ChinNing Chu, President, Asian Consultants, Inc.
Managing TechnicalAssistance, a Practitioner's Handbook
by Russell B. Sunshine, an essential tool for host governments, international consulting firms, and development-assistance agencies with a case study on the Lao PDR


Foreword | Lao PDR | Introduction | What is a Partnership? | Working with a Lao Partner

Understanding Lao Culture | Communication | Working Effectively with Your Lao Partner
Social Conventions and Protocol | Conclusions