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While you are waiting for updating this page, please listen to the interview about Storytelling in Thailand and America by Dr. Wajuppa Tossa, associate professor at Mahasarakham University, Thailand and Dr. Brian Sturm, assistant professor at University of North Carolina, USA.  In the interview, Dr. Wajappa has translated Dr. Sturm's interview.  So that students who study Thai Language can learn Thai while listen to the interview.  For the part of Dr. Wajuppa's interview, it is in Thai and it is all about storytelling in Thailand and around the world.  Please enjoy listening to it.

I hope this interview may be useful for the students who study Thai, folklore, Storytelling and any body who is interested in Northeast Thailand Storytelling, storytelling and folklore. 

These interview files contains some files that need "Real 1" program for audio page. Before viewing this site, please make sure your PC has the program. Or please go to   to download the program.


Interview 1: 4.28 Minutes, File: mp3 , 1.05 M

Interview 2: 5.04 Minutes, File: mp3, 1.10 M

Interview 3

Interview 4

Interview 5

Interview 6

Interview 7


Folktales from Northeast Thailand

Recorded by Prasong Saihong, 2002

1. Two-Headed Ghost

2. The Toad and The Tiger

3. Why The Rabbit had many Butt holes


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