Lao Resources

Albums  -   maintained by Lao in France.  ...home page at or
George Mason  -  Lao student association of George Mason University
Heritage  -  SEASSI site of University of Wisconsin
Khaosan Pathet Lao  -  Lao News
LanXang  -   Literature
Lao Library  -  national library of Lao
Lao Online  -   "Australian National University server electronic resource for Lao Studies"
Lao Net  -  contains many resources ranging from keyboard layout to information about Lao people
Lao Search  -  Lao community portal
Lao Software  -  contains many software related to Lao
Lao Software Digest  -  contains many software related to Lao
Lao Vision  -  Lao publication printed in the United States
LaoAmp Web Radio  -  Lao internet radio
Laos Daily  -  news articles that related to Laos and its people
Laos W3 VL  -  "keeps track of the emerging information about Laos and the Lao people around the world"
Let's Learn Lao  -  with Ajarn Bounhong Khommarath
List of Sites  -  list of many sites compiled by Vientiane Times
Medicine in the Jungle   -  Dr. Thomas Dooley and Earl Rhine in Laos
Mekong Express  -  "explore the cultural profusion and untapped promise of the Mekong region"
Mon-Khmer Studies Journal  -  studies journal and related materials
Muang Sing  -  maps and satellite images
Musics of Southeast Asia  -  collection of musics from many countries
National University of Laos  -  info about the university and its staff
Asean University Network  -  National University of Laos
National University of Laos PDR  -  Board member
North Carolina   -  Lao student association of North Carolina State University
Radio Free Asia  -  radio news services
SatJaDham   -  Lao literary group
U.S. Embassy in Lao  -  Located in Vientiane
UNDP  -  Juth Pakai
UN Development Research Award  -  Deadline 15th August 2005  -  news articles from different sources about Laos and its people  -   Lao and international news
Voice of America  -   voice of America news service
Wat Lao Buddhavong  -  wat Lao in Virginia
Wat World Wide  -  list of wat world-wide
Pbase Photo Gallery - photos
Plumeria (Champa) Flower
s - a page on the culture and propagation of Plumeria (Champa) in Laos

Tai Dam Resources

Black Tai Style Mosquitos Nets  -  Tribal Textiles Resources
Bureau of Refugee Services  -  History of the Bureau
Catherine Bounsaythip  -  Tai Dam (in French)
Chiang Khan  -   A Tai Dam minority in Thailand
Community Aid Abroad  -  Women's Weaving Project
Des Moines Register  -  Iowa's roots - a Historical Perspective
Dictionaries   -  List of international dictionaries for sale
Explore the Cultures of Asia  -  Luang Namtha, a Remote Coner of Laos
Laos Bibliography with Photos  -  Tribal Textiles Resources
Laos Infosite   -  OCF Berkeley
Luang Namtha Tourist Information  -  Local attractions
Michael Everson  -  Proposal for the Universal Character Set
Peter Whittlesey  -  Arriving in Muang Sing
Photos by Bjorn  -  Northern Laos
Textile Society of Hong Kong  -  Northwest Vietnam, a New Frontier to Explore
Yunnan   -  Rare and out of print books
Library of Congress  -  Rare pictographic

Hmong Resources

Hmong Studies   -  resources related to Laos and its people
Hmong Studies Journal 2003  -  a unique and established peer-reviewed internet-based academic discussion
Hmong Studies Journal's Editorial Board  -  a list of editorial board members
Submissions to the Next Issue of Hmong Studies Journal  -  information about submissions for the next issue of the journal.
Everest Info  -  information about resettlement.

Please download and install Adobe Reader at before viewing the following pdf files
Contradictions in Learning how to be Thai: A Case Study of a Young Hmong Woman
Migration of Hmong to Rochester, Minnesota: Life in the Midwest
Hmong of Germany: Preliminary Report on the Resettlement of Lao Hmong Refugees in Germany
The Hmong 'Dab Pog Couple' Story and its Significance in Arriving at an Understanding of Hmong Ritual
Hmong Americans: A Review of Felt Needs, Problems, and Community Development

Khammu Resources

Khammu-Vietnam   -  Khammu in Vietnam

Health Resources

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO) (US)
Cervical Cancer in Lao
Community Toolbook: Bringing Solutions to Light
Cross Cultural Health Care Program (US)
Electronic Quality information for Patients (UK)
Health Care Beliefs and Practices of Laotians Living in America
Health Consumer Alliance
HealthWeb: Minority Health
Hmong Health Website (nice site, but in Hmong - good ideas)
Laotian Resource List
Minesota Dept of Human Services
Multilingual & Multicultural Health Brochures & Information Sites
Office of Minority Health Resource Center, Breast Cancer Resources for Asian American/Pacific Islander Women (US)
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library (US)

Lao Government Resources

Foreign Investment Management Cabinet of Lao P.D.R.
Lao National Tourism Authority
Lao P.D.R. Customs Service
Lao P.D.R. Ministry of Commerce
Lao P.D.R. Ministry of Foreign Affair
Lao P.D.R. Ministry of Information & Culture
National Assembly of Lao P.D.R.
Science,Technology, and Environmental Agency of Lao P.D.R.

Related Links

Thai-Isan-Lao  -  “A basic introduction to 3 Tai-Kadai languages”
Thai Language  -  provides info on Thai language, dialects, folktales, poetry, and etc…
Vinya Sysamouth
Global Gateway-World Culture & Resources
Peter Whittlesey I
Peter Whittlesey II

Arts & Entertainment

Asian Arts
Sahtu Studio
SILK - Lao Women's Art
Wattay Productions
Xieng Mieng
Thai World View
Luktung FM

Southeast Asian Studies: Online Resources

Harlan Hatcher Library Southeast Asia Division

Travel Information

US Department of State