Sousi Pa Gnon

6 pa gnon - scrape off the mucus from the skin, gut the fish, cut off and discard the heads and tails, wash the fish and salt them

1 fully grown coconut, split open-grate the meat and squeeze two extractions of coconut milk from it, keeping the first extraction separate from the second one-quantity, one soupbowl of each

2 dried chilli peppers soaked in water

7 (small) shallots, peeled

Pound the above two ingredients together in a mortar to make your kheuang ham

salt and fish sauce

Kaffir lime leaves

spring onion leaves, chopped coriander leaves, chopped ground black pepper


Put the first extraction of coconut milk in a wok on the fire until it becomes creamy. Then add the kheuang ham and fry it until it gives off a good aroma. Add the fish gently, stir thoroughly, then add fish sauce and the second extraction of coconut milk. When the fish are cooked, taste and check the saltiness. Add the Kaffir lime leaves. Transfer to a serving-dish, garnish with the chopped spring onion leaves and coriander and ground black pepper, and serve.





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