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25 November, 2003

Dear Dr. Hartmann,

Johan Mathieson at Food Words has forwarded your letter to him about Traditional Recipes of Laos.  We are the publishers of both the first edition and the current edition.  I am so delighted to hear of someone who really needs the first, parallel edition, rather than just the English text.

Of course you may print anything out of the book on your website.  Any publicity is good publicity, particularly such as your own.  You should note for the site that the book is still available, but no longer from Johan who has given up the importing side of Food Words.  The US distributor is now The David Brown Book Company, P.O. Box 511, Oakville, CT 06779.

With best wishes,

Tom Jaine

P.S. We have also just produced a new edition of Fish and Fish Dishes of Laos By Alan Davidson.


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