Phra Lak-Phra Lam
  A Previous Life of the Buddha

Victorious in his first fight, the younger Thoraphi's pride knew no bounds.  He went to Muong Kasi, challenged everybody to a fight and injured the queen, Nang Kottarat.  To avenge the insult to his wife, Thao Sang Khip asked him to resume the fight in a cavern and Thoraphi agreed.  Before starting for the cavern, Sang Khip told his brother Thao Phalichanh to remain waiting at the mouth of the cavern and observe the flowing blood.  If the blood was of dark colour, it meant Thoraphi's death.  If it was light, it would signify Sang Khip's end; in which case, Phalichanh should block the mouth of the cave so that the monster would not be able to get out of the cavern.

Soon Thao Sang Khip succeeded in killing Thoraphi but as chance would have it, it was raining and the water made the buffalo's dark blood appear light.  So Phalichanh mistook it for his brother's blood, therefore, according to the instruction, he blocked the mouth of the cavern and went away.

But Sang Khip succeeded in getting out of the cavern and returned to his palace.  He thought that Phalichanh was trying to deprive him of the throne, so he banished his brother for the crime which he had never committed.  Exiled from Muong Kasi, Phalichanh wandered in the forest, crying ceaselessly day and night.

As his Kam ven ended, Phra Lam climbed up a Manikhod tree, ate a fruit borne on a vertical branch and took back his human form.   He did not remember anything which had happened during his simian life.  Phra Lak told him that Nang Phengsi and Houlaman were his wife and son.

Unable to take such monkeys along  with him in his risky expedition, Phra Lam ordered Houlaman to take care of Nang Phengsi and stay with her in the Prasat (palace) built by Phra Lak, expecting his return from Lanka.   Phra Lam then renewed the search for Nang Sida with his faithful brother, Phra Lak.   They met Thao Phalichanh on the bank of a brook, the waters of which were nothing else but the tears of Phalichanh himself.


Phalichanh related his unhappy story to Phra Lam and Phra Lak who grieved for him.  They came to a mutual agreement that Phra Lam and Phra Lak would help Phalichanh in his fight against Sang Khip, and Phalichanh would help them to recover Nang Sida and vanquish Hapkhanasouane.
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