Phra Lak-Phra Lam
  A Previous Life of the Buddha

Meanwhile, Phra Lak built a prasat (palace) near them, expecting the day on which the Kam ven (the misfortune one must endure because of the sins he has committed in his anterior existence) of Phra Lak would end, and he would be able to take back his human form.

As for Thao Sang Khip and Thao Phalichanh, the following story will relate how these two brothers came to a sudden disruption:

At that time, there was a buffalo, Thoraphi, leader of a great herd of cows and possessed of unparalleled strength.  In order to get rid of a male competitor, whenever a bull-calf was born, he would kill him at once.   When one cow showed signs of bearing another calf, she went into a cave, so that she might protect her young one from being crushed to death by its own father.  The calf was duly born and took also the name Thoraphi.  When he came to his youth, he went out and killed his father.


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