Phra Lak-Phra Lam
  A Previous Life of the Buddha

Chao Laksi, ignorant of their origin, took them for his own children and taught them supernatural powers, but in no time he noticed that these boys proved much more gifted than himself in occult science, so that he was brought to suspect the probable faithlessness of his beloved wife.  To be certain, he took all the children to the river side and threw them into the water with the prayer that whoever was his own child would swim to him and the children of others would be carried away by the stream.

His prayer came true and accordingly, Nang Phengsi joined him while Thao Sang Khip and Thao Phalichanh were carried along by the stream and landed on a fertile plain where they built a new kingdom named Muong Kasi.

Nang Khaysi suspected that her daughter, Nang Phengsi, had disclosed her secret to Chao Laksi, so she threw her in a ravine and as related above, Nang Phengsi after eating the fruit of the Manikhod tree, assumed a simian form and took shelter in the forest where she met he-monkey Phra Lam.
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