Phra Lak-Phra Lam
  A Previous Life of the Buddha

Hapkhanasouane refused and attacked Phagna Khout furiously.

All the weapons, lethal as they were, however failed to produce any effect on the huge, fabulous bird who boasted that nothing in the World except the ring on the finger of Nang Sida could vanquish him.  Hearing this, Hapkhanasouane took the ring off her finger and threw it at Phagna Khout who fell down, his wings broken.  Now Hapkhanasouane reached Lanka.  As the body of Nang Sida was terribly hot, Hapkhanasouane could not make her his wife.  He had to keep her in his garden and wait.

When Phra Lam and Phra Lak returned to the place where Nang Sida had been, they could not find her.  Afflicted with grief, Phra Lam ran accross the forest in search of his wife, followed by his faithful Phra Lak, and very soon, came to find Phagna Khout.  The wounded, fabulous bird gave him Nang Sida's ring and told him of Hapkhanasouane who had carried her off; Phra Lam healed the broken wings of Phagna Khout then renewed his search of Nang Sida according to the directions of his friend.

One day, Phra Lam happened to eat a fruit borne on a horizontal branch of the Manikhod tree and was changed into a monkey.   (This marvellous tree had two kinds of fruit: those borne on horizontal branches which would change into monkey whomever might have eaten them; and those on vertical branches which would give him back a human form).  Therefore, monkey-Phra Lam took shelter in a forest where he met Nang Phengsi, who had eaten the same fruit of the Manikhod tree and had been transformed into a she-monkey.

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