Phra Lak-Phra Lam
  A Previous Life of the Buddha


Unaware that Nang Sida was his own daughter, Hapkhanasouane hurried to meet Chao Laksi before Phra Lak and Phra Lam.  He tried to raise an arrow weighing one "Kod" (12,384.9 kg) but he could not.  Then he attempted through supernatural power to force Chao Laksi to offer him Nang Sida; but the holy man proved more powerful and vanquished him.

Disappointed and shameful, Hapkhanasouane burst into tears so that the rishi, taking pity on him, changed a nagi (female naga) into a beautiful girl, named Nang Soudtho, who looked exactly like Nang Sida, then gave her to him.

"You had better take this one," Chao Laksi said.  "She will give you lots of powerful children who will help you to make your kingdom prosperous.  But you must not marry Nang Sida, at all, for she was destined to bring you destitution and death".

Hapkhanasouane was resigned to accept Nang Soudtho, but the unexpected and charming gift could not induce him to give up the ultimate desire to possess Nang Sida herself.  So, on the way home, he asked Khoun Sieo Ha, one of his generals, to take care of Nang Soudtho, and came back to Chao Laksi's dwelling, awaiting a propitious opportunity to carry off his lover.  He met Nang Sida gathering lotus flowers near a pond in her garden.  She had ten young girls with her, each of them so resembled her that Hapkhanasouane was not able to distinguish which one was his true idol.  So, he decided that it would be most convenient for him to carry off all these beauties at the same time and he supernaturally enlarged his hands to do the task.   Alerted by the cries of the girls, Chao Laksi appeared.  He bent his marvellous bow and the terrified ravisher ran away.

Hapkhanasouane spent ten months in reaching Lanka.  During the journey, Nang Soudtho bore him nine sons, one per mouth, and these sons were incapable of being injured by guns, poisonous arrows or venomous snake bites.   When wounded by these weapons, one of these sons would come and touch some part of his mother's body, and he would be healed immediately: the eldest son would lick her right eye; the second son, her left eye; the third son, her right ear; the fourth son, her left ear; the fifth son, her right nostril; the sixth son, her left nostril; the seventh son, her mouth; the eighth son and the nineth sons would kiss, respectively, her right breast and her left breast.

Very soon, after Hapkhanasouane's departure, Phra Lam with his brother Phra Lak reached the dwelling of Chao Laksi.  He had to stand the test of power before he could claim the hand of Nang Sida; so he was brought to the magic arrow which he took up and fitted to string.


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