Phra Lak-Phra Lam
  A Previous Life of the Buddha

Shortly after this, Nang Soudsada confessed to her husband that she was quite happily surprised that he had recently come to her much more often than before when he had been used to share his favours equitably between the 204 million other women.  But the truth was that Phra In was more surprised than his wife.  At any rate, owing to Nang Soudsada's confidence the faithless trick of Hapkhanasouane was revealed.

To take revenge upon this would-be rake, Nang Soudsada requested Phra In to let her come down to Earth and incarnate as Hapkhanasouane's daughter and wait for a propitious opportunity to kill her enemy by herself.


Her wish was soon granted.   Accordingly, Nang Chantha conceived.  A girl was duly born and named Nang Sida, who was really the incarnation of Nang Soudsada.

As soon as the girl saw the first light, she got up and attempted to kill her father with a knife.  Furious, Hapkhanasouane had her put on a raft and thrown into the river.
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