Downloading and Installing Fonts


  • First, download the fonts by clicking Lao Unicode 2009 and New IPA Fonts

  • You will be prompted to choose where you wish to save the font file. Follow the directions below.

  • Make sure you have selected your C drive

  • Click on the Create New Folder button Create New Folder button

  • Call your new folder "temp" and press enter

  • Double click your new folder to open it

  • Click on "save".  This will save the font to the new temp folder


  • To Install the font, follow the instructions below

  • Go to the Windows Desktop

  • Next double-click the "My computer" icon My Computer Icon

  • The "My computer" window will open

My Computer Window
  • Next double-click the "Control Panel" icon Control Panel Icon

  • The "Control Panel" window will open

Control Panel Window
  • Next double-click the "Fonts" icon folder Fonts Icon

  • The Fonts Window will open showing you the installed fonts

  • Now click on "File" from the Menu Bar and when the pop-down menu appears, select "Install New Font"

Fonts Window
  • The "Add Fonts" window will appear

  • There will be a white text box labeled "Folders"

  • Navigate inside the Folders List box (double-click on c:\ , scroll downwards to "temp" and double-click on it) until the folder "c:\temp is shown.

Add New Font Window
  • Fonts in the selected directory will be shown in the white text box labeled "List of Fonts." Find "Lao Light (True Type)" and select it by clicking on it once. Click on the "OK" button to install Lao Light on your computer.  Note:  If you don't see "Lao Light (True Type)", but you see something different with *.ttf.  It is okay to choose it.

  • The font will then be installed

  • When you are done press the close (x) button on the top right corner of the window

  • You will be returned to the Fonts window, and the font you've just installed will be included there

  • You can now close the Fonts window, close the Control Panel Window, and close the "My Computer" window.  If there is more fonts to be download & install, just follow the instruction by going to the top of this page.

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