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Rocket Festival--Bun Bang fai
bangfai_ae_small.jpg (3875 bytes) Click here to see the video of the Rocket Festival in Laos.  Video I: Legend, Video II: Parade and Video III: Dance
Video Credits to: LS Promotion, Laos PDR
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Water Festival--Kut Songkaan
Lao_ga3.jpg (4255 bytes) In the fifth lunar month, Songkran Ceremony (ກຸດສງການ--kudsongkaan or Lao New Year's Festival) should be held. In this ceremony, people splash water on each other, have a Songkran parade, clean, wash, and pay homage to the Buddha images, pour lustral water on Buddhist monks' hands , respected persons, and bring sand to build sand stupas on the temple grounds.
To view videos, click Video I: gend of SonkaanVideo II: Songkaan Festival  Credits to: LS Promotion, Laos PDR
Vesantrara Story Cloth
bun_phavet_small.jpg (6747 bytes) In the fourth lunar month, Bun Pha Wet or Bun Mahachaat (ບຸນພະເຫວດ ຫລື ບຸນມະຫາຊາດ--the ceremony of the penultimate life of the Buddha as Pha Wetsandon (Vessantara Prince or the Festival of the Great Birth) includes the following activities: a procession of Phaa Phawet (the Vessantara Prince Story Cloth) through town to the temple; procession of one thousand balls of glutinous rice to the temple; listening to the non-stop sermon on the Great Birth at the temple (this sermon consists of fourteen sets of palm leaf manuscripts which have a total of one thousand verses); making merit to dedicate it to deceased relatives. 
To view video, click Video:  Vessantrara Story Cloth   Credits to: Dr. John Hartmann  Narrated by Dr. Wajuppa Tossa

About Vesantrara Festival or Boun Pha Wet

The Legend of Pou Gneu Gna Gneu
Pou Gneu Gna Gneu Dance at Vat Vixun (M.L.P. 1953) Pou Gneu Gna Gneu, the tutelary spirits of the city, and Sing Keo Sing Kham, the little lion, dance at Vat Xieng Thong. The masked dancers wearing costumes of vegetable fibers personify Pou Gneu and Gna Gneu. According to the local legend of creation, these mythical persons made the earth appear by stamping on the immense ocean that covered the world. These mystical persons planted gourd seeds wherefrom man appeared. Thanks to the little lion that they had captured in the Himalayas and tamed, they eliminated a beast that terrorized the region of Luang Prabang. As compensation for all their deeds before their deaths, they requested that the inhabitants make effigies of themselves and the small lion. Every New Year, as protection against the country's destruction, they should dance at both ends of the town.
To view video, click Video Pou Gneu Gna Gneu  Credits to LS Promotion, Laos PDR
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to the next page, click here Video I: Farmers and Magic Swan  Credits to: Sivilay Sopha
Video II: The Sick Dear  Credits to: Sivilay Sopha
Special Thanks to Dr. Wajuppa Tossa

Storytelling from TELLEBRATION, Northeast Thailand Storytelling Festival, November 2000.  Mahasarakham, Thailand
Video III: Music Instrument  in Laos & NE Thailand,  Storytellers in Northeast Thailand: Hosted by Dr. Wajuppa Tossa. 
Video IV: Phaya Khaankhak, The Toad King 1

Video V: Phaya Khaankhak, The Toad King 2
Video VI: Khun Thung & Khun Thueng
Video VII: Kongkoy Ghost

Video VIII: Prince Pachit and Miss Oraphim
Video IX: The King Eats Brand

Video X: The Sky is Falling!
Video XI: Mr. Mab
Video XII: Who is the best? 

Video XII: Mr. Chompom 
Notes: All storytellers appearing in Video were the contestants in Storytelling Contest in Mahasarakham, Thailand. 2000/




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