Collection IV: Traditional Khamu Songs and Music

This web page presents some of the traditional music and songs of Laos collected by the Archives of Traditional Music in Laos Project and the Lao-German Research and Development Project at the National Library of the Laos PDR in Vientiane, Laos. 

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Musical Instrument


1 Khamtuk Khmu Khap Huanphan
2 Khmu Muan Xeun Khap Bolikhamxay
3 Khmu Tham Khao Khap Bolikhamxay
4 Khmu Kia Sao Khap Bolikhamxay
5 Choen Khmu Khap, Khen Luang Prabang
6 Pi Pasan Khap Khui, Khap Luang Prabang

Ouy Phon

Khap Vientiane
8 Choem Nong Tok Khap, khen Luang Prabang
9 Choem Xieng Ngoen Khap, Khen Luang Prabang
10 Khap Chanlong Khap Vientiane
11 Choem Pongsaly Khap Vientiane
12 Pai Lom Sao Khap, Khen 7 Vientiane  
13 Khuamtuk Nyak Khap, Khen 8 Vientiane
14 Khamtuk Khong Ban khap Vientiane
15 Totnoy Saidang Totnoy saidang Vientiane
16 Tot Khmu Tot Khmu Vientiane  


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