Collection III: The Voice of the Khen (Khaen)

This web page presents some of the traditional music and songs of Laos collected by the Archives of Traditional Music in Laos Project and the Lao-German Research and Development Project at the National Library of the Laos PDR in Vientiane, Laos.   

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Musical Instrument


1 Lom Phat Phai Khen Vientiane/2002
2 Lot Fai Tai Lang Khen Vientiane/2002
3 Lay Sut Sanaen Khen Vientiane/2002
4 Sii Phan Don Khen Vientiane/2000
5 Ban Xok Khen Vientiane/2000
6 Khon Sa Van Khen Vientiane/2000

Lam Long

Khen Vientiane/2000
8 Lam Phoen Khen Vientiane/2000
9 Tang Vay


10 Lay Po Say Khen Vientiane/2001
11 Sam Ma Lii Pha Feuang Khen Vientiane/2001
12 Long Khong Khen Vientiane/2002
13 Toey Khong Khen Vientiane/2002
14 Long Noi Pen Kon Khen Vientiane/2001
15 Long Nyai Pen Toey Khen Vientiane/2001
16 Me Hang Komlum Khen Vientiane/2001
17 Phu Thau Ngoeykho Khen Vientiane/2001
18 Xang Thiamm Mae Khen Vientiane/2001
19 Ma Ha Xay Khen Vientiane/2000
20 Phu Thai Nyay Khen Vientiane/2000
21 Sa La Van Khen Vientiane/2000
22 Kalong Nyo Khen Vientiane/2000
23 Lot Fai Tai Lang Khen Vientiane/2001


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