Collection II: Traditional Music in Laos

This web page presents some of the traditional music and songs of Laos collected by the Archives of Traditional Music in Laos Project and the Lao-German Research and Development Project at the National Library of the Laos PDR in Vientiane, Laos. 

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Musical Instrument


1 Lam Salavan   Thathoy/2001
2 Lam Phu Thai   Kengkok/2000
3 Khap Salangkhu   Phonpheng
4 Lam Pham Nge   Phiamay/2001
5 Lam Ban Soc   Kengkok
6 Lam Cheuang   Vongsomphen/2001

Lam Cheuang

8 Sep Talemon   Thathoi/2001
9 Samak Khy Deuan Cheng         Vongsomphen/2001
10 Lam Salavan   Thathoi/2001
11 Lam Talemon   Thathoi/2001
12 Khap Sam Sao   Phon pheng/2001
13 Khap Thum Luang Prabang   Phong Pheng/2001
14 Lam Ka Loey   Thetsaban/2001
15 Lam Xieng   Thetsaban/2001
16 Lam Salavan Sedon   Thathoi


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