Collection I: Instrumental Music in Laos

This web page presents some of the traditional music and songs of Laos collected by the Archives of Traditional Music in Laos Project and the Lao-German Research and Development Project at the National Library of the Laos PDR in Vientiane, Laos. 

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Musical Instrument


1 Lao Dam Nuen Xay Khui (Bamboo Flute) Vientiane/1996
2 Procession Music Khongvong (Kong), Pikeo (Flute), Kong Thapon (Thaphon Drum) Champasak/1999
3 Hmong Lay Folksong: Tueoti Pii Hmong (Flute) Xamtai/1999
4 Sep Laum Mu: Chang Va Xeung Bang Fai Kong Thum (Thum Drum), Kong Hang (Hang Drum), Sanai, Seng, and Phang Hat Savannakhet/2000
5 Hmong Khao Folksong: Khuamhak Toen Sam Neua/1999
6 Hmoung Lay Folksong: Khithot Phusao Phi Hmoung (Flute) Sam Neua/2000

Lao Folkdance

Khen (Bamboo Flute), Kong Tum (Tum Drum), So-u, Ka Chap Pi Champasak/2000
8 Calling the Elephant Sanai Champasak/2000
9 Ceremonial Music at Wat Phou "Pheng Kom" Lanat ek, Khongvong, Pikeo, Khui lip, lanat thum, kong that, kong taphong, 2 khong nyai Wat Phou, Champasak/2000
10 Khmu Folksong: Vautheung Khuamhaknyak" Pi Khmu Viangxay/2000
11 Lao Khen Solo: Lotfay Taylang Khen Vientiane/2000
12 Pavillion Music: Pheng Kaukok  Khongvong, Pikeo, Khui lip, lanat thum, kong that, kong taphon Wat Phou/2000
13 Thai Meuy Folkdance Pi noi, Khen Khamkeut
14 Lao Folkdance: Phuthay khen, kachappi, kong hang, so, sing Savannakhet/2000
15 Ta Oi ceremonial Music for the Buffalo Sacrifice 3 Kong nyai, seng sap Paksong/1996
16 Lao Folkdance: Khonsavavan Kachappi, khen Kengkok/2000
17 Khmu Epic Folksong Khui Khmu Luang Prabang/1988
18 Lao Folkdance: Bankok Khen, kachappi, kon hang, so, sing Savannakhet/2000
19 Introduction to the Ramayana Dance: Pheng Kaunau Khongvong, Pikeo, Khui lip, lanat thum, kong that, kong taphong, 2 khong nyai Luang Prabang/1974
20 Lao Folksong: Sunuan Khui Vientiane/1990

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