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   This impetus was followed by his son and successor Oun Heuane "Happiness of the House". He is better known as Sam Saen Thai, the builder of Vat Manorom, who led the way to the peak of Luang Prabang art.

Pothisarath gave new stimulus to the Theravada by abolishing the cult of Phi at the beginning of the With Century, without succeeding however in eradicating it.

Saya Setthathirath, son of Pothisarath, marked the peak of Ian Xang . To this day, Vat Xieng Thong bears witness to this great builder's achievements. We should also emphasize King Vixounarath's contribution, Vat Vixun's builder; and that of his successors who have also contributed to the religious art of this renowned city.

Thus, successive rulers of each period have provided the evidence of an unique culture. Also worthy of mention are the outstanding ongoing efforts by the State, the province, the people and international organizations, in making this city a world heritage site.


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