Wat Manorom
Located on the site where the Khmer Buddhist mission was first established during the reign of Fa Ngum, Wat Manorom was founded in 1372 by Sam Sen Tai, the son of Fa Ngum.  One of the oldest sanctuaries in Luang prabang, like many wats in this ancient capital, it was previously destroyed and the existing Sim was constructed more recently in 1972.  Wat Manorom houses the largest and oldest bronze image of the Buddha in Laos, thought to have been cast in 1372 by Khmer craftsmen in the Sukothai bronze tradition.  Elements of Wat Kang can still be seen behind the Sim.
The carved and gilded door panels at various wats in Luang Prabang are renowned for their remarkable ornamentation and the complexity of their motifs.  The door of the Sim at Wat Manorom depicts scenes from the Buddha's life.


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