Pig and Dog

Retold by Rachan Ninlawannapha; translated into English by Wajuppa Tossa

Once a farmer raised a pig and a dog to help him work. One day he had to go to town, so he told his pig and dog:

"Now, I have to go to town. You two must go to plough the field and try to finish before I come back home."


Pig and Dog went to the field. Once they arrived at the field, the pig said:

"This is a big field. Why don't I do half and you do the other half? and Pig why don't you go first. When you finish, let me know."

Dog then took a rest and Pig began ploughing the field diligently. Oint, oint, oint. . . .When he finished his half, he called out to Dog:

"Dog, I've finished my half. It's your turn now."

"Oh, Pig, can you go on ploughing the field? I don't feel well."

Dog went on sleeping and Pig continued ploughing the field until the entire field was ploughed.

"Oh, I feel exhausted. Dog, I have finished. I want to take a little nap."

"Finished? O.K. take your nap. I will do a little exercise."

So, the dog ran around on the field until sunset.

"Pig, wake up and let's go home before dark."

When they got home, the farmer asked: "Have you finished ploughing the field?"


"Yes." The pig said.

"I did all the work, Papa. I feel ache and pain all over." The dog said.

"What? I did all the work myself." The pig said. "Dog did not do anything. He just fell asleep all day."

"No, I did it myself; Pig went to sleep until I woke him up."

Pig and Dog began to quarrel. So, the farmer said: "Don't fight. Now, let's go to the field and prove who did the most work. Whoever worked will have left footprints in the ground."

So, they all went to the field.

"Look, father, look at my footprints."

There were Dog's footprints everywhere because Dog had been playing in the field.

"Yes, I can see. So, Pig did not do any work. From now on you must eat bran and stay in the mud. Dog, you are good, now you can eat rice and whatever I eat and stay in the house with me."

Since then, Pig eats bran and stays in the mud. and Dog eats rice and stays in the house.