The Image of Women in the Sex Trade
Susada Viravong

Washington, USA


An old profession, a modern problem in today’s society is prostitution. Women in the sex industry are on the rise no matter how much effort we try to control the problem. This is the result of modernization where people’s desire (tanha) for money and material things are on the rise.

Whether that these women are willing or not, society’s view of them and their profession is still seen as negative. These women cannot face people in society because even money can buy their body and their integrity, reducing their worth. Now, these women’s old profession is no longer taboo, instead, their profession is more visible and out in the open for society to see and buy their service.

The above concept influences the painter’s creativity studies and researches on prostitution. From painting and researching the theme of Women in the Sex Industry, which the paintings capture real life problem, the painter would like her work to act as a social criticism towards our apathetic society. The painter also wishes that her work will educate society about the problem of prostitution and hope that her work will motivate other potential artists and researchers to use her work to further their studies about prostitution as a theme for their artwork.