Viewing Laos through Buddhism: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Ven. Dussdi Manisaeng

Wat Lao Wichita Monastery
Lao Buddhist Association of Kansas
Wichita, Kansas


-The meaning and main ideas of Buddhism, and the influences and an important of Buddhism for the people of Laos.
-Buddhism earlier came to the Lane Xang Kingdom.The King Fa Ngum brought over the Politics of period and political authority along with Buddhist moral rule.
-To inform you about Buddhism in primary age, middle and final ages of the Lane Xang Kingdom.
-Buddhism during the Lao Royal Kingdom under the rule of other colonies. Buddhism, Influence, Function and Important to the society of Lao today.
- How is going on in the future about Buddhism in Laos.
-In conclusion: would like to inform you about Lao Sangha ruler law 1998I and the former leaders of the Lao Sangha.