Looking From the Past into the Future of Lan Xang

Anouvong Sethathirath IV
Independent Researcher
North Carolina, USA


During the war with Rama III of Siam, King Sethathirath III instructed his surviving son, Prince Rajsavong, to carry on the Sethathirath line and to guard the royal treasures. As his father's command, Prince Ratsavong married his cousin, begot a son whom he name "Syharath" and continued the struggle for the autonomy of Laos. One hundred seventy six years after the war of 1827-1829, his descendents are still working to help Laotians come to term with their history and to work with neighboring countries for the greater good of the nation of Laos.


The presentation will touch on four main areas: (1) the Buddhist White Robed Monks and the Sethathirath, (2) The Sethathirath Royal Treasures, (3) Lao-Issara and my Grandfather, and (4) the Future of Laos.