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Abstracts & Papers



To view completed abstracts, please click on Program above.  Abstracts are invited for the conference.  By March 1, 2005 [March 15th] (COMPLETED) please submit a one-page abstract by postal mail or e-mail MS-Word attached file. Abstracts must be typed, camera ready, and contain the following information: title of abstract, author name(s), author affiliation, and content.  The  First ICLS will create special panels for individuals, groups or organizations that have three or more presenters.  If you are submitting the abstract as part of a group or organization, please indicate this as well. 


Send abstracts via email to:  (or)

John Hartmann

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Northern Illinois University; DeKalb, IL 60115  USA

Phone: 1-815-753-6462


Papers to be distributed at the conference must be submitted before April 1, 2005.  All abstracts should be submitted in English.  If submitted in other languages, an English version must accompany the submission.  Vetted papers will be published in the First ICLS Proceedings using Author's Guidelines developed by the NIU Center for Southeast Asian Studies Publications Program.  To ensure inclusion in the volume, submit a camera-ready copy of your paper by September 1, 2005.   Papers should be single space, no longer than 20 pages, left and right margins should be set at 2.13 inches, top and bottom margins should be set at 1.75 inches, paper's font size should be set at 11 pt., and the font size of the paper's title should be set at 12 pt. (Times New Roman font) in the final format described in Author's Guidelines (See sample document).  If you are using any special fonts such as Lao fonts or IPA, please attach the font files with your article when you e-mail the paper.




The 2005 conference will feature papers on any topic concerning Lao Studies.  Topics include all ethnolinguistic groups of Laos (e.g. Mon-Khmer groups, Hmong-Mein groups, Lao-Tai groups, etc.), the Isan Lao (Northeasterners of Thailand) and other ethnic Lao groups in Thailand (e.g. Lao Song, Phuan, Phu Tai), cross-border ethnic groups in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Burma, and Cambodia (e.g. Akha, Hmong, Khmu, Mien, Lao Phuan, Tai Lue, Tai Dam, Tai Deang, Shan), and overseas Laotians (e.g. Lao-American, Hmong-American, Lao-French).  Sub-topics are provisionally divided into the following broad categories:


(1) languages and linguistics;

(2) folk wisdom and literature;

(3) belief, ritual, and religions;

(4) history;

(5) politics;

(6) international relations;

(7) economics;

(8) sociology;

(9) environment;

(10) natural resources and forestry;

(11) ethno-cultural contact and exchange;

(12) architecture, arts, music, and handicrafts;

(13) archaeology;

(14) science and medicine;

(15) information technology (IT);

(16) the media and popular culture;

(17) health, medicine and HIV/AIDS;

(18) agriculture;

(19) education;

(20) community development;

(21) rural development;

(22) women, gender and society, and

(23) others. 


Please feel free to contact us with additional topics and we will add them. 


The languages to be used in the conference will be English, French and Lao, with translators provided when available and deemed necessary.

Time Limitation

Presentation will be no longer than 15 minutes in length, with 5 minutes for questions.