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Spoken Lao Vocabulary

Lesson 21
9bj' cy&G therefore
]e la#m to sing (Lao style)
]e;q' la#mvo#G Lamvong dance
2hvo]e fO@Onla#m to dance
gIaf[5o he&t-bu%n to make merit
Ihv'gra' hO@OG-phe#G to sing
Ihv' hO@OG to call
1k, ja%am to visit
7a[ kha&p tight
gdqjk ka&w old
g0Qk3I'|= kha^w ho#oGmO%O to go/stay in the hospital
]6dg0up lu@uk-khA%Aj son-in-law
vhkpg0up a@aj-khA%Aj older brother-in-law
ohv'g0up nO@OG-khA%Aj younger brother-in-law
dyofv' kJ%n-dO%OG to marry
d;hk' ku@aG wide
.|j ma&j new
oaf na&t to set an appointment
,uoaf mJ#J-na&t to have an appointment
vvd]6d O^Ok-lu@uk to give birth
x5dgInvo pu#k hy#an to build a house
x5d    pu#k to erect
-j;pF -jvp   su&aj, sO&Oj to help
-j;p;Pd su&aj-wJ@ak to help out
;af wa&t temple
]6dwrh lu@uk-pha@j daughter-in-law
ohv'wrh nO@OG-pha@j younger sister-in-law
gvNvpwrh y@aj-pha@j older sister-in-law
Lesson 22
gv' e%eG -self
0hvp gv' khO^j e%eG myself
/kd fa^ak to entrust
s+ hO&O package
sq; hu%a clf. for books
[+cdh; bO&O kE@Ew Bo Keo (map)
7e kha#m gold
dex6g9p kampuucJ@a Cambodia
]j5, lu&m under, lower
Vj]p nu&aj clf. for bowls, fruits, teams
g'yo GA#n silver
zhk pha^a cloth
zhk.| pha^a ma%j silk
rk pha#a to escort
rt,hk pha&ma@a Burma
zno phy%yn clf. for Sinh
lYo sJ^n Sinh
lYo.| sJ^n ma%j silk Sinh
8jk]jk'F dhv'8jk]jk' ta&a-la&aG, kO@OG ta&a-la&aG downstairs, ground floor
gmy' thA#G above, up, on
gmy'gIbvo thA#G hy#an upstairs
Lesson 23
vaf a#t to close
7v,ru;g8u khO#OmphJ#utA@A computer
ry, phJ#m to print
8ury, tJ%J-phJ#m to type
cff dE^Et sunshine
,ucff mJ#J-dE^Et sunny
/qo8qd fo%n-to#k to rain
/qog-qk fo%n-sa#w to stop raining
cI' hE#EG force; strong
w0 kha%j to open
g0QkVq,F 0t Vq, kha^w-no%m, kha-no%m cake, candy
0v'0;ao khO%OG-khwa%n gift
]q, lo#m wind
,u]q, mJ#J-lo#m windy
|kdw,h ma^ak-ma@j fruit
w,h ma@j wood
|kddhP' ma^ak-kJ@aG orange
|kddh;p ma^ak-ku@aj banana
|kd3x, ma^ak-po@om apple
Va'lnry, na%Gsy%y-phJ#m newspaper
vnjo y&yn other, another
xPd pJ^ak wet
Lesson 24
[hko ovd ba@an-nO@Ok countryside
g9Qk c0;' ca@w-khwE%EG Provincial Governor
g,nv' my#aG District
g9Qk g,nv' ca@w-my#aG District Governor
dko ka%an job, work
djvo vjno kO&On-y&yn first of all
s^a'9kd la%G-ca^ak after
c]h; lE@Ew to finish; then
g[jnv' ly&aG affair; about
8jk'xtgmf ta&aG-pathe@et foreign country
.omujl5f na#j-thJ&J-su#t finally
cotoe nE&-na#m to advise
vq[rtpq[ o#ppha&No&p to take refuge
7qovq[rtpq[ kho#n o#ppha&No&p refugee
okp[hko na#aj-ba@an village chief
-P'0]k' sJ#aG khu%aG Xieng Khouang
8k, ta%am to follow; according to
8vo tO%On part; when, while
8vos^a' tO%On-la%G afterwards, later
8vooAo tO%On-na@n then, at that time
8vomevyf tO%On tha#m-J#t at first
Lesson 25
vjko a&an to read
wfhpyo da@j-NJ#n to hear
skd+ ha%a-kO&O just, only just
gsao he%n to see
7ad kha&k superb
7ao kha#n if
7ao-aho kha#n-sa@n in that case
0Po khJ%an to write
7qo kho#m sharp
VhvpVbj' nO^Oj-ny&G a little bit
VhvpfP; nO^Oj-dJ%aw a very little
lvo sO%On to teach
ma' tha#G all
8+ tO&O to continue
8+wx tO&O pa%j next
gs^nv ly%a left, extra
,ao ma#n it
,uf mJ&t knife
|qfF ma'|qf   mo#t, tha#G-mo#t all
|qfc]h; mo#t lE@Ew finished, used up
|6j mu&u group, friend
,NdUoU my@y-kJ@J-nJ@J just now

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