Lesson 8

The goal of this lesson is to learn vowel and consonant ending,  xັນ, xານ, xິນ, xີນ, xຶນ, xືນ, xຸນ, xູນ, xານ, xັມ, ເx, and ເເx and to pronounce them with Lao consonant.    You can practice listening and reading by clicking on the button below or the underlined words.

A sound of Kan is enticing

Listening and Reading these Endings.1

a type of musical instrument

Practice 1: Reading with Vowels
To find out what tones these syllables have, please click tone.
Some of these syllables do not have meaning attached to them.
NM - no meaning.
The goal is to practice reading and listening.

xັນ ຂັນ ວັນ ຈັນ ປັນຍາ
pedestal day Monday skill
xານ ບານ ສານ ລານ ກະດານ
to bloom court NM blackboard
xິນ ກິນ ບິນ ຍິນ ດິນຈີ່
to eat to fly to hear brick
xີນ ຕີນ ປີນ ຂີນ ຫຼັງຕີນ
feet to climb NM back of the feet
xຶນ ມຶນ ຮຶນ ທຶນ ຊຸມອຶນ
anesthetize NM fund/profit other group
xືນ ຢືນ ຟືນ ຈືນ ສິ່ງອື່ນ
to stand log to fry other stuff
xຸນ ບຸນ ຄຸນ ຍຸນ ນ້ຳຂຸ່ນ
fiesta NM NM unclear water
xູນ ຄູນ ປູນ ຊູນ ເພີ່ມປູນ
multiply cement NM add cement
xັນ ເປັນ ເອັນ ເຫັນ ກາງເວັນ
to be tenden to see daytime
x ເກນ ເຄນ ເພນ ເວນຍາມ
NM NM NM security guard
ເເx ເເຄນ ເເລນ ເເປນ ດິນເເດນ
a type of musical
NM flat/clear land

Practice 2: Reading and Listening
The goal is to listen and identify syllables that you hear.
Each syllable is separated by spaces.



ສຽງ(sound), ເເຄນ(a type of musical instrument), ເເສນ(a hundred thousand), ມ່ວນ(joyful), ບານ(ball), ຢືນ(to stand), ຂັນ(pedestal), ວັນ(day), ຈັນ(Monday), ປັນຍາ(skill), ບານ(to bloom), ສານ(court), ກະດານ(blackboard), ກິນ(to eat), ບິນ(to fly), ຍິນ(to hear), ດິນຈີ່(brick), ຕີນ(feet), ປີນ(to climb), ຫຼັງ(back), ມຶນ(anesthetize), ທຶນ(fund/profit), ຊຸມອຶນ(other group), ຟືນ(log), ຈືນ(to fry), ສິ່ງອື່ນ(other stuff), ບຸນ(fiesta), ນ້ຳຂຸ່ນ(unclear water), ຄູນ(multiply), ປູນ(cement), ເພີ່ມປູນ(to add cement), ເປັນ(to be), ເອັນ(tenden), ເຫັນ(to see), ກາງເວັນ(daytime), ເວນຍາມ(security guard), ເເປນ(flat/clear), ດິນເເດນ(land)
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