Lesson 17

The goal of this lesson is to learn vowel and consonant ending,  xັບ, xາບ, xິບ, xີບ, xຶບ, xືບ,
xຸບ, xູບ, xັບ, x,  xັບ, and x, and to pronounce them with Lao consonant.    You can practice listening and reading by clicking on the button below or the underlined words.

Take a shower before going to school

Listening and Reading these Endings.1

taking a shower
putting on a shoe
finger nail

Practice 1: Reading with Vowels
To find out what tones these syllables have, please click tone.
Some of these syllables do not have meaning attached to them.
NM - no meaning.
The goal is to practice reading and listening.

xັບ ນັບ ຂັບ ຈັບ ຕ້ອນຮັບ
to count to drive to touch/arrest to greet
xາບ ອາບ ດາບ ຫາບ ກາບກ້ວຍ
to shower blade to carry using shoulder banana skin
xິບ ກິບ ດິບ ສິບ ມືຢິບ
hair pin raw ten to pick by hand
xີບ ກີບ ຕີບ ຫີບ ລົດຖີບ
NM NM luggage bicycle
xຶບ ລຶບ ຕຶບ ທຶບ ປ່າຕຶບ
to erase NM NM dense jungle
xືບ ອືບ ສືບ ດືບ ບົ້ງຄືບ
NM to investigate NM a type of caterpillar
xຸບ ຄຸບ ສຸບ ຫຸບ ຖືກຸບ
to catch to fit to grab to hold a farmer's hat
xູບ ຕູບ ທູບ ລູບ ຢາສູບ
straw hut incent stick to feel by touching cigarette
xັບ ເລັບ ເຈັບ ເຫັບ ເກັບເອົາ
fingernail sick/hurt hail to pick/pickup
x ເສບ ເທບ ເຟບ ນອນເໝບ
NM Saint NM to lay face down
xັບ ແກັບ ແຕັບ ແມັບ ປືນແກັບ
NM NM NM a type of gun
x ແກບ ແຈບ ແຫບ ຂີ້ແກບ
NM tightly sealed NM NM

Practice 2: Reading and Listening
The goal is to listen and identify syllables that you hear.
Each syllable is separated by spaces.



ອາບນ້ຳ(take shower), ກ່ອນ(before), ໄປ(to go), ໂຮງຮຽນ(school), ນັບ(to count), ຂັບ(to drive), ຈັບ(to touch/arrest), ຕ້ອນຮັບ(to greet), ອາບ(to shower), ດາບ(blade), ຫາບ(to carry using shoulder), ກາບກ້ວຍ(banana skin), ກິບ(hair pin), ດິບ(raw), ສິບ(ten), ມືຢິບ(to pickup by hand), ຫີບ(luggage), ລົດຖີບ(bicycle), ລຶບ(to erase), ປ່າຕຶບ(dense jungle), ສືບ(to investigate), ບົ້ງ(caterpillar), ຄຸບ(to catch), ສຸບ(to fit), ຫຸບ(to grab), ຖືກຸບ(to hold a farmer's hat), ຕູບ(straw hut), ທູບ(incent stick), ລູບ(to feel by touching), ຢາສູບ(cigarette), ເລັບ(fingernail), ເຈັບ(sick/hurt), ເຫັບ(hail(ice)), ເກັບເອົາ(to pick/pickup), ເທບ(Saint), ນອນເໝບ(to lay face down), ປືນ(gun), ແຈບ(tightly sealed)
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