Lesson 14

The goal of this lesson is to learn vowel and consonant ending,  xົກ, x, xັອກ, xອກ, xິກ, xີກ, xຽກ, xວກ, and xືອກ and to pronounce them with Lao consonant.    You can practice listening and reading by clicking on the button below or the underlined words.

Listening and Reading these Endings.1


Practice 1: Reading with Vowels
To find out what tones these syllables have, please click tone.
Some of these syllables do not have meaning attached to them.
NM - no meaning.
The goal is to practice reading and listening.

xົກ ນົກ ຍົກ ຮົກ ຖືພົກ
bird to lift messy NM
x ໂອກ ໂຄກ ໂຍກ ໂຊກດີ
NM NM NM good luck
xົອກ ກັອກ ຈັອກ ປັອກ ຢັອກ
xອກ ຊອກ ດອກ ອອກ ນ້ຳໝອກ
to find pedal(flower) to exit morning dew
xິກ ເດິກ ເລິກ ເອິກ ເຝິກຝົນ
late at night deep chest practice
xີກ ເຄີກ ເບີກ ເງີກ ເລີກຮຽນ
NM to cash NM stop learning
xຽກ ຜຽກ ດຽກ ຮຽກ ວຽກງານ
NM NM NM job
xວກ ປວກ ພວກ ຢວກ ລູກຮວກ
termite group of NM NM
xືອກ ເກືອກ ເປືອກ ເລືອກ ຫົວເຜືອກ
NM fruit's skin to choose head of a type
of vegetable

Practice 2: Reading and Listening
The goal is to listen and identify syllables that you hear.
Each syllable is separated by spaces.



ນົກ(bird), ເເປງ(to fix), ຮັງ(nest), ກະຮອກ(squirrel), ວຽກງານ(job), ຍົກ(to lift), ຮົກ(messy), ໂຊກດີ(good luck), ຊອກ(to find), ດອກ(pedal(flower)), ອອກ(to exit), ນ້ຳໝອກ(morning dew), ເດິກ(late at night), ເລິກ(deep), ເອິກ(chest), ເຝິກຝົນ(practice), ເບີກ(to cash), ເລີກຮຽນ(stop learning), ປວກ(termite), ພວກ(group of), ເປືອກ(fruit's skin), ເລືອກ(to choose)
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