Lesson 13

The goal of this lesson is to learn vowel and consonant ending,  xັກ, xາກ, xິກ, xີກ, xຶກ, xືກ, xຸກ, xູກ, xັກ, x, xັກ, and x and to pronounce them with Lao consonant.    You can practice listening and reading by clicking on the button below or the underlined words.

The students are gardening

Listening and Reading these Endings.1

bird's wing

Practice 1: Reading with Vowels
To find out what tones these syllables have, please click tone.
Some of these syllables do not have meaning attached to them.
NM - no meaning.
The goal is to practice reading and listening.

xັກ ຜັກ ຕັກ ຈັກ ຮັກເເພງ
vegetable to scoop engine friendship
xາກ ປາກ ຕາກ ຍາກ ຮາກໄມ້
mouth to dry to want root
xິກ ຍິກ ດິກ ຈິກ ໝາກພິກ
NM NM NM pepper
xີກ ປີກ ຈີກ ຄີກ ເອົາອີກ
wing to tear odd to want some more
xຶກ ບຶກ ນຶກ ຍຶກ ຕຶກປາ
NM to think NM fishing
xືກ ຖືກ ວືກ ລືກ ປາກກືກ
cheap/correct NM NM mute
xຸກ ສຸກ ລຸກ ຄຸກ ປາດຸກ
cooked/ripe to wakeup jail catfish
xູກ ລູກ ປູກ ຜູກ ຕ່ຳຫູກ
child/children to plant to tie cloth making
xັກ ເຕັກ ເລັກ ເພັກ ເດັກນ້ອຍ
NM metal NM small children
x ເສກ ເອກ ເບກ ຮຽນເລກ
NM NM brake to learn math
xັກ ແຊັກ ແຕັກ ແລັກ ຕີແປັກ
NM NM NM a type of game
x ແຕກ ແປກ ແຮກ ປາແດກ
to break different/unique NM pickled fish

Practice 2: Reading and Listening
The goal is to listen and identify syllables that you hear.
Each syllable is separated by spaces.



ນັກຮຽນ(student), ປູກ(to plant), ຜັກ(vegetable), ປີກ(wing), ນົກ(bird), ປາດຸກ(catfish), ຕັກ(to scoop), ຈັກ(engine), ຮັກເເພງ(friendship), ປາກ(mouth), ຕາກ(to dry), ຍາກ(to want), ຮາກໄມ້(plant root), ໝາກພິກ(pepper), ຈີກ(to tear), ຄີກ(odd), ເອົາອີກ(to want more), ນຶກ(to think), ຕຶກປາ(fishing), ຖືກ(cheap/correct), ປາກກືກ(can't speak/mute), ສຸກ(cooked/ripe), ລຸກ(to wakeup/standup), ຄຸກ(jail), ລູກ(child/children), ຜູກ(to tie), ຕ່ຳຫູກ(cloth making), ເລັກ(metal), ເດັກນ້ອຍ(small children), ເບກ(brake), ຮຽນເລກ(to learn math), ແຕກ(break (something)), ແປກ(different/unique), ປາແດກ(pickled fish)
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