Lesson 14


The goal of this lesson is to learn Lao consonants,  ກວ, ຄວ, and ຂວ and to pronounce them with Lao vowels.    You can practice listening and reading by clicking on the button or the underlined words below.
ສະໄຫວ ໄກວ ອູ່ ນ້ອງ
Saway sways the craddle of her younger sibling.


Listen to and read these consonants.1


Practice 1: Reading with Vowels
To find out what tones these syllables have, please click tone.
Some of these syllables do not have meaning attached to them.
NM - no meaning.
The goal is to practice reading and listening.


Practice 2: Reading Words


Sawii uses his right hand swaying the craddle farther than
ພໍ່ຄວາເອົາພ້າ ຢູ່ແຈຝາ
a cook is taking a chopping knife at the corner of a wall
ເພື່ອໄປຫາຫຍ້າ ມາໃຫ້ມ້າ ແລະລວາ.
as to go look for grasses for horses and mules



nouns:  ສະໄຫວ (girl's name), ອູ່(wooden craddle), ນ້ອງ (young sibling), ກວາງ (deer), ເເຂນ (arm), ຄວັນໄຟ (smoke)
ໄກວ (sway/push)
ຂວາ (right)
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