Pronunciation Notes 14
  1. Say these English sentences:

    Is the food too salty?

    No, not to salty.

    Are you going soon?

    Well, pretty soon. 

    Now, say them again and hum the answers.  Note the tone on the words 'salty' and 'soon'.  Do not let this kind of English intonation interfere with the tone of Lao words.  Practice these questions and answers.

  ຫວານບໍ wǎan bɔɔ Is it sweet?
  ບໍ່ຫວານ bɔ̄ɔ wǎan not sweet.
  ຮ້ອນບໍ hɔ̀ɔn bɔɔ Is it hot?
  ບໍ່ຮ້ອນ bɔ̄ɔ hɔ̀ɔn not hot.
  ເພັດບໍ phét bɔɔ Is it spicy?
  ບໍ່ເພັດ bɔ̄ɔ phét not spicy.
  1. Try these phrases.  Pay close attention to the rhythm.
  ບໍ່ສູງບໍ່ຕ່ຳ bɔ̄ɔ sǔuŋ bɔ̄ɔ tām neither tall nor short
  ບໍ່ຕຸ້ຍ ບໍ່ຈ່ອຍ bɔ̄ɔ tùy bɔ̄ɔ cɔ̄ɔy neither fat nor thin
  ບໍ່ໜາວ ບໍ່ຮ້ອນ bɔ̄ɔ nǎaw bɔ̄ɔ hɔ̀ɔn neither cold nor hot
  ບໍ່ໜຸ່ມ ບໍ່ແກ່ bɔ̄ɔ nūm bɔ̄ɔ kε̄ε neither young nor old
  ບໍ່ງ່າຍ ບໍ່ຢາກ bɔ̄ɔ ŋāay bɔ̄ɔ ñàak neither easy nor hard
  ບໍ່ໄວ ບໍ່ຊ້າ bɔ̄ɔ wáy bɔ̄ɔ sàa neither fast nor slow
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