1.  Lao Consonants and Rhymes: learning consonant sounds and listening to Lao rhyme
2.  Lao Consonants: learning consonants and learning how to pronounce each consonant
3.  Lao Vowels: learning vowels and learning to pronounce each vowel
4.  Basic Consonants with Several Vowels: learning to read and write syllables (Lao Consonants)
5.  Basic Vowels with Several Consonants: learning to read and write more syllables (Lao Vowels)
6.  Vowels & Final Consonants: learning to read and write some vowels with consonant ending
7.  Tones: tone chart with the chart of tone marks


The speaker (Ajarn Athit), an educated male in his 40's, was born in Baan Suan Mon, Muang Sisattanak, Kam Phaeng Nakhon Vientiane. The recording was made in 2002. His dialect has 6 tones, similar to the dialects of southern Laos.

Click here or on the speaker icon to listen to the 6 tones of this reader.

Chart Showing the Relationship between Syllables, Types, Written Tones, and Vientiane Spoken Tones

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Pictures and Texts from Learning Lao for Pathom 1, Text Book by Pingkham Siisuwan, Saengchan Phommiichai, and Miithong Suwanwichai.  Edited by Khamphai Siisawan and On-kaew Muanmawong.  Ministry of Education of Laos, 1999.


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