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Bun Khun Laan
In northeast Thailand, one activity is observed: Bun Khoonlaan (ບຸນຄູນລານ--the ceremony of piling rice on the threshing ground) includes the following activities: at the end of the month rice ears in bunches are placed on the threshing ground and the people begin threshing rice bunch by bunch; monks chant and sprinkle lustral water over the rice on the threshing ground for blessing; monks give sermons on the Scripture about the Rice Goddess, Mae Phosop; and the people deliver the blessed rice to their rice granary.
In the second lunar month, haa fuen maa wai (ຫາຟືນມາໄວ້--collecting fire wood) in preparation for the next ritual of offering roasted glutinous rice.   Actually, Maha Sila Viravongs states that the first and second lunar months had not that many secular activities.  Later, some actitivities were added.