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Bun Khao Saak
In the tenth lunar month, Sartkaan ( ສາຣະທະ--mid-year ceremony) includes the followingactivities: Bun khao saak (ບຸນເຂົ້າສາກ--the drawing of donors' names by monks)--in this ceremony a monk draws a donor's name and the particular donor will offer food to the monk; offering monks' under-robes; listening to a sermon from the Buddhist Scripture all day; and placing small banana leaf packets of rice on the ricefields.  Maha Sila Viravongs explains that this ritual is much the same as the bun khao padab din previously mentioned with a minor difference. 
This ritual is also called
bun ho khao yai (ບຸນຫໍເຂົ້າໃຫຍ່) because in the packages to be placed on the ground, a special kind of rice called khao mathupaayaat or khao saat (ເຂົ້າມະທຸປາຍາດ ຫລື ເຂົ້າສາຣທ) is included.  The ritual previously mentioned is called bun ho khao noi (ບຸນຫໍເຂົ້ານ້ອຍ) because khao mathupaayaat or khao saat (ເຂົ້າມະທຸປາຍາດ ຫລື ເຂົ້າສາຣທ) is not included.